Shining Stars is a well established Paediatric Occupational Therapy Practice that is dedicated to supporting children, their families and schools with everyday life challenges.

We use a holistic approach to assess, identify and treat delays that a child may be experiencing in reaching his/her developmental milestones with regard to their play, socialization and learning.

We aim to ensure that children achieve independence in all areas of life through fun, meaningful and purposeful activities. We use play (which is vital in the early development of children) to enhance a child’s gross and fine motor skills, visual motor skills, sensory integration, daily living skills (manipulating a knife and fork or learning how to tie shoelaces); or motor planning difficulties (to name a few).  We also work on postural strength, endurance and developing self-esteem.

An important part of the therapy process involves active participation from parents, as well as ongoing communication with other relevant health professional and specialists working with the child. It is very important to understand all the different environments that your child interacts with, in order for us to effectively treat your child, and help your child reach their full potential. It is key to use imaginative play and present all therapeutic activities in a non-threatening and fun manner to create motivation and interaction from the child.